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Registration (Step by Step)

How to register as an artist (Step by Step)

You must create an account : “Members Area” > “Sign Up”

Complete your details: In “Who are you?” select “Seller”
Important: Your “Login” username will be your name as an artist. If you, as an artist, use a nickname, please use your nickname/artist name as login/user. The system will show your artworks using the “Login” (Artist/Nickname). This CANNOT BE CHANGED in the future.
All other information should be real and accurate as it will necessary for administration and payments.
Once you finish click “Sign Up”

You can login into the website now

On the left side, below your name, click “Edit”
Check your details, you can also add your CV or profile information under “About” .
Remember to upload your Passport, Driver licence or other valid Photo ID.
In “artwork” you can upload your photo or logo.

Once you complete the information about yourself click “Upload Files” > “Jquery Image Uploader”.

“ARTWORKS” You need to upload at least 4 images:
This first upload is for us to check the quality of your job. If we approve them they will be added automatically to the image bank.
We will NOT judge the artwork itself. We understand art is relative to the eyes of the artists and the buyer. We will check if the artwork is suitable for the website and the quality of the image technically speaking. If your artwork is not digital and you are not sure about how to take a good photo of it, please check here.
Click “Add files” to select the artworks from your computer. Please upload JPG files only. You can upload up to 10 images at the same time.
Once you finish, please click “Start upload”.
If your images show genitalia, please check “Adult Content”

“PRICE” You cannot change the price of the licences but you can choose the licence you want to offer. The “FREE” licence allow customers to use your artwork in a very limited NON-COMMERCIAL way, the file is also small (not suitable for printing) and they MUST give credit to the author, it is a good option to promote your art.

“CATEGORIES” You can choose up to 3 categories.

Accept the “Terms & Conditions” and click “Next Step” (your image/s will be uploaded to our server, please wait)

Please click “Take Examination”. This will let us know your first step is ready. We will approve your account ASAP, usually no more than 5 working days.
You will receive an email once we approve your account.

After we approve your account, you are free to upload as many artworks as you wish.

“SETTINGS”: Once your artwork is uploaded and approved, you can manage the “settings”. This is a very important part of the process.

First, you can change/edit the “Title” of your artwork. Otherwise, the system will show the name of the file.
Description” If you want to add some words to describe your artwork, you can do it here. It is unnecessary, but if you want to add it, we will recommend keeping it short, no more than 10 words.
“Keywords”: THIS IS TE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE SETTINGS. Buyers will use keywords in order to find what they need. Comma must separate keywords (key1, key 2, key3)
Usually, 10-25 relevant keywords will suffice

Check these steps:

What do you literally see in the image?
Subject (keep this broad): health, business, art, party
Accessories if important to image: computer, telephone, book, desk

Who is in the image?
Number of People: one person, two people, small group, couple, crowd
Gender: male, female, girl, boy ,
Age: ten, five, baby, senior, adult ,
Profession: doctor, nurse, teacher
Physical traits: short, fat, bald, tall
Ethnicity and nationality: Chinese, multiracial, Native American
Relationships: daughter, mother, sister, granddaughter

What is in the image?
Animals or Objects: bird, dog, automobile, tree, sign
Number of Animals or Objects: three cats, five cars, one computer

What is happening in the image?
Actions: swimming, dancing, laughing, driving
Events: wedding, birthday, holiday
Natural Events: storm, summer, sunset ,

Where was the image taken?
Setting/Environment: indoor, outdoor, landscape, cityscape
Location Specific (if important to image): San Francisco, Golden Gate Bridge
Location Generic: hospital, library, school

When was the image taken?
Time of day: dawn, night, sunset
Season: winter, fall, summer, harvest
Weather: rain, sun, fog, hail

What are the technical details of the image?
Technical aspects: horizontal, vertical, portrait, b&w
Perspective: underwater, aerial, space

What are the image’s attributes?
colour (blue, black, florescent
mood (sad, content, joyous)

What abstract idea, mood or feelings does your image portray? (add these last)
Concepts Negative: abuse, greed, unlucky
Concepts Positive: strength, excellence, carefree
Concepts Neutral: challenge, progress, time

Check the full article about key wording here: https://www.cradocfotosoftware.com/photo-keywording-tips/

Oy can also help you by using a free image key wording tool: http://www.akiwi.eu/


Under “My Commission” > “Settings” add your Paypal Account.

If you need help, please got to “Support” and “Open a Support Request”