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Getting Started

ROYALTY FREE ART-BOX provides access to art to customers all over the world. We are pioneer on providing art at affordable prices to magazines, bloggers, designers and companies. We are giving you a great opportunity to have your content seen and licensed around the world.


How do I register as Artists?

Kindly register and create an account at the Registration Page.

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply.

During the registration process, make sure you sing up as “Seller” and fill up all your details accordingly.


When am I considered an approved as contributing Artists?

Once you have uploaded a valid form of ID documentation and have passed the initial 6 images which you’ve submitted.

Once your application is approved, you may upload more images. The process can take up to 7 days.

Our curators will always review the images you submit to ensure they meet the requirements before making them available online for customers to see and license.


How does it work?

When our customers find the imagery they want, they purchase a license that allows them to download your file for their personal or commercial purposes (based on the terms of the content license agreement).
Customers can use your imagery in advertising, marketing, apps, websites, social media, TV and film, presentations, newspapers, magazines, books, and product packaging, among hundreds of other uses.


What’s the royalty structure at Royalty Free Art-Box?

Unlike than many other sites, we offer a commission of 55% of the licences fees. There is no “Contributor” level.

As this is a Royalty Free image bank for art only we understand the value of your work.

Our licences prices differ slightly from most of the stock images sites.

We will offer your artworks/images from these licences prices:

Royalty Free Images Standard Licence:

Another difference is you will earn 55% fixed rate of the sale price of the licence (usually is around 30%)

Promotional campaigns:

In order to promote the site/service, therefore your artwork, we run promotional campaigns. You agree your artwork to be included in these campaigns.
Basically, you agreed your artwork will be offer free to use for non-commercial projects under Attribution-Non-commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) on sizes up to 800 pixels with. This is a permanent promotional action we offer to our customers for which no compensation shall be due to You for such business or commercial purposes.
Occasionally we also run seasonal campaigns and offer discounts to new and/or regular customers. These campaigns are, but not limited, by offering discounts. You agreed to participate in these promotional actions and understand your earning will be affected for which no compensation shall be due to you for such business or commercial purposes.
This is basic information, you also agreed that, by uploading your images, you already read and agreed with the Content Distributor Agreement

How much can I earn?

For each license a customer purchases, contributors earn a royalty which is a percentage of the price paid by the customer.
Earnings can differ, but the more content you have in your portfolio that customer’s need, the more opportunities you’ll have to gain earnings.


How can the images I contribute to Royalty Free Art-Box be used? Are there any restrictions?

You may refer to the allowed commercial uses as statement in our various End User License Agreements (EULA). All EULAs restricts the content that you submit to us from being used in connection with any pornographic, obscene, immoral, defamatory or illegal materials; endorsement of product(s); sensitive mental/health/other similar aspect of contexts or subjects.


I just registered as an artist. What should I do next?

Please remember to upload your ID in your profile page. Then upload a minimum of 6 images/artworks for initial review.


How much time does it take to review my content?

We have curators evaluating content uploaded by everyone around the globe. We try to review everyone’s content as quickly as possible without sacrificing the quality.

Is there any useful advice on creation of stock content?

Please check out our section for artists’ content tips and tricks.

Make sure the content you submit doesn’t contain copyrighted or trademarked materials. ROYALTY FREE ART-BOX will not accept content that’s a violation of the exclusive rights of a creator.

Usually this is not an issue for artist, but sometimes, they included some logos or brands in their artworks. Unfortunately, this is not acceptable under copyright laws unless you have the written authorisation to do so.

Fan-Art: Images illustrating/showing branded/copyrighted characters such as Mickey®, Betty Bop®, Star Wars® saga characters, Marvell® characters and similar will not be accepted unless you have written authorisation from the company who owns the copyright to do so.

Portraits: Any kind of portrait will be accepted with the exception that had not being copied from a photo. Using a photo as a base for a portrait is permitted only if the author is also the photographer. Otherwise you must have authorisation from the photographer.

Collages: Be aware that copyright laws also apply to part of an image. If you are using images from different sources to create a collage be sure they allow you to use them.

This also includes less obvious elements present in a file – branded clothes, logos on drinks and food, technology brands, etc. When shooting, make sure they’re not visible or retouch your content to remove logos.