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Artists Agreement simplified

As this is a Royalty Free image bank for art only we understand the value of your work.

Our licences prices differ slightly from most of the stock images sites.

We will offer your artworks/images at these prices:

Royalty Free Images Standard Licence:

Above 1201px and up to 2000px width £ 12.-

Above 2001px and up to 3000px width £ 15.-

Original size: £ 20.-

(Prices subject to changes without notice. We try to keep the prices of the licences up to standard markets. If you do not agree with the new prices, you have the right to withdraw your images and close your account)

Another difference is you will earn 55% fixed rate of the sale price of the licence (usually is around 30%)

Promotional campaigns:

In order to promote the site/service, therefore your artwork, we run promotional campaigns. You agree with your artwork to be included in these campaigns.

Basically, you agreed your artwork will be offer free to use on non-commercial projects under Attribution-Non-commercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) on sizes up to 800 pixels’ width. This is a permanent promotional action we offer to our customers for which no compensation shall be due to You for such business or commercial purposes.

Occasionally we also run seasonal campaigns and offer discounts to new and/or regular customers. These campaigns are, but not limited, by offering discounts. You agreed to take part in these promotional actions and understand your earning will be affected for which no compensation shall be due to you for such business or commercial purposes.


This is basic information. You also agreed that, by uploading your images, you already read and agreed with the Content Distributor Agreement.